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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 30 day(s)
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 10.00%

    Please read this Affiliate Agreement carefully before you join our Affiliate Program or begin marketing our Affiliate Program. By applying to be a Gwen Beloti affiliate ("Affiliate"), you (a) agree to abide by these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy if you are accepted into the Affiliate Program, (b) acknowledge and agree that these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy constitute an agreement between us and you upon your acceptance into the Program (the "Agreement"); (c) represent and warrant that you are lawfully able to enter into this Agreement; and (d) acknowledge and agree that you are and will remain in compliance (and will be responsible for assuring that your employees, agents and contractors comply) with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This Agreement is written in plain language intentionally avoiding legalese to ensure that this Agreement may be clearly understood and followed by Affiliates.


    As used in this Agreement:

    1. "Gwen Beloti®", "we", "us" or "our" refers to Gwen Beloti LLC (D.B.A Golden Stories) and our website.

    2. "you" or "your" refers to the Affiliate.

    3. "our website" refers to the Gwen Beloti properties located at

    4. "your website" refers to any website, web pages, or other online services that you control and will link to our website.

    5. "Program" and "Affiliate Program" refer to the Gwen Beloti Affiliate Program.

    6. "Products" refers to any products sold or distributed by Gwen Beloti Family Brands.

    7. "Qualifying Purchases" refers to purchases made when all of the following requirements are made:

      1. (i) a customer clicks through a special link on your website to our website; (ii) during a single session that the customer adds a Product to his/her shopping cart and places the order for that Product no later than 30 days following the customer’s initial click-through; and (iii) the purchased Product is paid for by the customer.

    8. "Trademarked Terms" refers to the Gwen Beloti registered trademarks; Gwen Beloti™, Golden Stories™


    The purpose of this Program is to permit you to advertise Products on your website and/or to your audience via other means in order to earn advertising commissions for Qualifying Purchases.


    After receiving your application, we will review your website and/or additional information and notify you of your acceptance or rejection into our Program. In order to be eligible for the Program, you must also agree to the Terms of Use of Refersion our payment processor for the Program.


    Your use of any of our Trademarked Terms as part of the domain or sub-domain for your website is strictly prohibited e.g., or, etc.



    If your website promotes coupon codes, you must adhere to our Coupon Guidelines as follows or you will be subject to removal from the Program:

    1. You may ONLY advertise coupon codes that are provided to you through the Affiliate Program or our Affiliate Network, (i.e. Refersion) or that are displayed on our public website(s).

    2. You may ONLY display coupons in their entirety with the full offer, valid expiration date and code.

    3. You may NOT post any information about how to work around the terms and conditions of a coupon/promotion (e.g., describing how existing customers can qualify as a first time customer to benefit from an offer to first time customers only).

    4. You may NOT use any technology or technique that conceals or obscures the coupon code such that only an Affiliate click will reveal the code(s).

    5. You may NOT advertise coupon codes obtained from our non-Affiliate advertising materials, e-mail marketing materials, paid search campaigns, or any other marketing or campaign.

    6. You may NOT give the appearance that any offer requires clicking from your website in order to redeem. For example, if all items over $100 on our website have free shipping, you may not turn this into an offer that implies that the customer must click from your website to get this deal.

    If your website ranks on the first page of Google search results for Trademarked Terms combined with words such as coupon, coupons, coupon code, promo code, etc. and/or your conversion rate exceeds 25%, you may be offered a lower commission than our standard rate to offset the reduced profitability of orders. The current rate we offer in these situations is 2%.


    In connection with your participation in the Program, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, licenses, permits, judgments, decisions and other requirements of any governmental authority that has jurisdiction over you, including without limitation laws (federal, state or otherwise) that govern marketing e-mail, telephone calls and text messages.


    Your use of any of our Trademarked Terms as part of the domain or sub-domain for your website is strictly prohibited e.g., or, etc.


    You shall not create, publish, distribute, or print any written or visual material that makes reference to our Program without first submitting that material to us and receiving our prior written consent. If you intend to promote our Program via e-mail campaigns, you must adhere to the following:

    1. Abide by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Public Law No. 108-187) and any applicable state laws.

    2. E-mail must be sent on your behalf and must not imply that the e-mail is being sent on behalf of Gwen Beloti.

    3. As noted above, submit e-mail content to us for written approval in advance of distribution.


    Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms is permitted following these general guidelines:

    1. You ARE allowed to promote offers to your own lists; more specifically, you are welcome to use your Affiliate links on your own Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages. For example: You may post, "25% off sale at Gwen Beloti  through Wednesday with code GwenB25."

    2. You ARE PROHIBITED from posting your Affiliate links on Gwen Beloti Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. company pages in an attempt to turn those links into Affiliate sales.

    3. You ARE PROHIBITED from running advertisements on our social media platforms using the Trademarked Terms.